Dan Allie, Westfield City Councilor, WORKING FOR WESTFIELD





Dan Allie is a graphic designer, printer, writer, editor and videographer. 

After leaving the Army, Dan moved to Holyoke to start his own business, a small ad agency and worked for The Holyoke Mall, Pyramid Company, K&M Electronics, Crown Furniture, Hannoush Jewelers, Disney and Wendy’s.

Ordinary people do extraordinary things

Dan and his business partner helped build a small park on the corner of Appleton and Beech Streets, across the street from their office. On St. Patrick’s Day the front porch of their building was known as the Peasant’s Review Stand, twice voted Best Crowd by the Sons of Erin.

When Dan left the company, he gave it to his partner and the employees.

After his partner’s death, Dan lobbied the Holyoke City Council to approve the name Peasant’s Park. Dan dedicated the park in the memory of Delano W. Bennett, and to the “Police, Firefighters, Veterans and other ordinary people who do extraordinary things.”

Dan and his wife Theresa organized a neighborhood association and raised money for playground equipment at Morgan School, and helped renovate Springdale Park.

Small business owner and manager

A Management Style of Commitment to People and Quality

Dan was on the original management team that brought Papa John’s Pizza to Western Mass. He helped open stores in Westfield, Holyoke and West Springfield. Dan received a national award for 100% operational efficiency. While a full-time college student, his store became the area’s training store. Dan helped recruit, train and promote people with a number of employees starting as driver and going on to become managers.   


After high school, Dan worked for Raytheon Data Systems, then joined the US Army for 3 years. Originally, assigned to the 10th Special Forces, a childhood injury prevented Dan from attending jump school. Dan did not give up.

Dan graduated at the top of his class in Telecommunications at Fort Gordon, Georgia. He was assigned to the 141st Signal Battalion, 1st Armored Division in Bavaria, West Germany. He served as company clerk and commander’s driver until being selected to be the Battalion Commander’s secretary and field driver.

While in the Army, Dan ran the Boston Marathon, toured Europe, learned to spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, ski in the Alps, and took college classes.


Springfield Technical Community College 

Graphic Arts Technology, Associate of Science Degree
Graphic Arts Student of the Year
Multimedia, Associate of Science Degree
Edmond P. Garvey Founders Award for Outstanding Community Service.


Dan has always been involved in his community. As a young man, Dan learned community service from his family and the Boy Scouts. He was elected to the student council and President of the Dighton Junior Historical Society.

Community service projects were a regular part of the Boy Scouts and Dan’s life growing up. Dan served as an assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 570 in West Springfield.

Dan worked with over 300 inner city kids in Holyoke, Chicopee and Springfield. He obtained his bus drivers license and spent weekends visiting families and taking children to Sunday school and other activities.

Dan has served as a volunteer, chairman and board member on numerous organizations at the neighborhood, city, regional and state level. Dan has organized volunteers, raised money, and public awareness on many issues over the last 25 years from the Pioneer Valley to Boston, from Worcester to Washington, DC. Dan has marched, spoke, gathered signatures, organized rallies, and published brochures, put public policy questions on the ballot. He has written dozens of articles and letters to the editors on local and national issues.   

Dan has served as a volunteer, field coordinator and campaign manager for political campaigns from Agawam to Millbury, helping elect city councilors, mayors, state representatives and senators, and a US Senator. Dan was elected as a delegate from the First Congressional District for the Republican National Convention.
Tampa in 2012
Cleveland in 2016.

Dan proudly serves as a Westfield City Councilor At-Large, and is liaison to the Planning Board.


Husband, father and grandfather


Dan and his wife Theresa have been married for 27 years, and have 3 children; Christina, Marie and Joe, and 4 grandchildren; Chloe, Mabel, Jack and Coralie. They all live in Westfield.

Dan is a family Man