Dan Allie, Westfield City Councilor, WORKING FOR WESTFIELD


INCREASE FUNDING FOR ROAD MAINTENANCE - Westfield Received $660,000 in January 2015

LOWER PROPERTY TAXES. Voted to cut 3.8 million dollars in spending and fought for one of the lowest property tax increases in years.



Creating Jobs and building our economy is job one.

As a small business owner and manager, Dan knows what it takes to create jobs and meet a payroll. Dan knows how to promote people and business and is committed to providing a better business environment by reducing burdensome regulations that stifle small business, and lowering taxes.

3 out of 4 new jobs are created by small  businesses. We need to provide a business friendly environment to encourage people to build and invest here in Massachusetts.

Dan is endorsed by pro-business and pro-taxpayer groups.

Lowering Taxes and Reducing Burdensome Regulations

Endorsed by Citizens for Limited Taxation - the group that gave us Proposition 2 1⁄2

Dan made a commitment in writing to the people of Westfield, not to any special interest group, to work to lower taxes by signing Citizens for Limited Taxation’s “No New Taxes” Pledge.

Dan led the effort to dissolve the Business Improvement District, which was based on a flawed model that placed a heavy burden on private sector businesses.

Massachusetts does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem.

In the last 5 years, the state budget has grown by six billion dollars and it has cut Local Aid to cities and towns by over $700 million dollars during that same period. This includes last year when the state had a surplus of 900 million dollars and then raised taxes by another half a billion dollars.

The state passed a 12.5 billion dollar Transportation Bond bill, but only allocated 300 million

dollars for the entire state, for road maintenance and repair.

Ask yourself How are the roads? Where is the money for the cities and education?

Repeal Automatic Gas Tax Hikes

Dan fought Automatic Gasoline Tax hikes, and gathered 1100 signatures to help put

the Gas tax on the statewide ballot.

Dan is working to restore local aid and increase funding for road maintenance and repair. He put 2 questions on the local November ballot, and is organizing ordinary citizens to get involved.

The people of Westfield can trust Dan to work to control government spending, demand more accountability and lower taxes because he is already doing it.


As a father of three, and now a grandfather of four, Dan supports neighborhood schools and considers a quality education to be one of our most important priorities.

Dan led the local effort to put ending Common Core and PARCC

assessments on the 2016 statewide ballot, because it represents

an illegal, crony capitalist takeover of children's education.


The Case Against Common Core

Dan and his wife Theresa both returned to college later in life. Dan graduated at the top of his class, in the US Army and at STCC. Theresa has spent most of her career working in public education and served as a volunteer treasurer for the MTA, (Mass Teachers Association)

Restore Balance and Integrity to State Government

Dan decided to run for State Representative because a one-party system has led to massive mismanagement and corruption in Boston. Does anyone believe that sending another Democrat to Boston is the answer?

Just within the past year, Beacon Hill’s mismanagement of the Commonwealth has cost taxpayers

$332 million for the crime lab scandal

$200 million in welfare fraud.

$250 million in waste within the MBTA maintenance department.

$100 million on the health care connector that does not work and they want another $100 million to fix it.


Mitt Romney built a healthcare website for 3 million dollars which worked for years. Massachusetts could have applied for a waiver from the Affordable Health Care Act since our healthcare system was the model for it.

To help fight the mismanagement and wasting of our tax dollars, State Senator Humason has endorsed Dan.

Citizens expect leadership from elected officials. They expect us to make wise choices and tough decisions. They expect good government, a disciplined budget, and a set of priorities that begins with curbing spending, instead of raising taxes.  

Second Amendment

Dan is an Army veteran and strongly supports our right to keep and bear arms. Dan is a tireless

supporter of Life, Liberty and the US Constitution and all its amendments. He has worked to

educate the public on many issues. Dan advocates gun safety and testified at public hearings

and events on the misinformation and misguided policies that turn law-abiding citizens into

criminals, do not affect criminals or do nothing to make us safer.

Raising the Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage does not help create jobs. If businesses cannot raise prices to cover labor costs the only option is to cut hours.

Minimum wage jobs tend to be entry level positions and provide a much needed opportunity for employment, experience and training, many times for our young people.

While some businesses do not have minimum wages positions, many business models including the food service industry rely on minimum wage positions to keep food prices low and hire part-time workers and provide much needed training, working hours and experience, as people enter the job market.

Politicians and the media are not telling the whole story regarding all the costs facing businesses when talking about increasing the minimum wage. Employers pay unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and match employee contributions to state, federal and social security taxes that is tied to gross wages. Businesses face other costs, expenses and fees such as healthcare, training, equipment as they struggle to make a profit in a tough economy.

Dan has been endorsed by pro-business, pro-family and pro-taxpayer groups.